Production & Inventory Automation

Spreadsheets and production schedules that fill themselves in. Build more, data entry less.

Inventory Data Accuracy
0 days
Average delay caused by
issues with parts at assembly
30 seconds
Average time spent gathering
compliance & traceability

Production scheduling done for you

Automatically convert BOMs into live work-forward or work-back production plans based on your assembly requirements, current supply chain conditions, and hundreds of other factors.

Work-forward scheduling calculates when you can execute production based on live data
Work-back scheduling automatically generates kits and shipments to hit specified production deadlines
Understand your readiness for each production run at a glance and find gaps before they hold up production
Email alerts and automations keep you on track so you can focus on other, more important work

The only MRP built just for electronics

Automatically turn manufacturing requirements such as complex attrition/overage models, pick-and-place packaging compatibility, and inspection rules into perfectly accurate timelines, procurement, routings, and kitting based on detailed technical part data.

Everything you need in an MRP with deep electronics-specific functionality baked in
Calculate complex attrition overage models automatically
Generate timelines, procurement, routings, and kitting based on technical part data with no manual entry required
Capture each production facility or SMT line's unique requirements for overage, packaging, and more and automatically prepare kits accordingly

Source-to-PCBA traceability done for you

Capture and report on date code/lot code, Certificates of Conformity, inspection reports, REACH/RoHS statements, and more automatically. Access a complete audit trail for every part used in a production run with no data entry required.

Inventory management built for deep traceability from day-one, not added after the fact
Track date code/lot codes, MSL floor life, and more for each stock lot with no data entry required
Certificates of Conformity, inspection reports, REACH/RoHS statements, and more are captured and managed for you
Meet compliance requirements with instant reporting for every part used in a production run without slowing your team down or creating work

Auditable inventory data in all your systems

Put an end to inventory audits with 100% accurate inventory data that is audit ready 24/7. Synchronize data to and from nearly any inventory system so you can combine the tools you already use with the electronics-specific power of Cofactr.

100% accurate, audit-ready inventory data 24/7
Track purchase and landed costs for each stock lot for complete reporting and accounting flexibility
Synchronize inventory data from your existing ERP/MRP/MES to Cofactr and automatically enrich it with Cofactr's part data
Synchronize inventory data from Cofactr to your ERP/MRP/MES for always-accurate visibility in any system your team uses

Scale faster with on-demand logistics & procurement for electronics