Sourcing & Procurement Automation

Quote & buy a single part, an entire BOM, or complete production runs from every distributor with 1 click and 1 PO.

90 seconds
Average time to procure
a 100-line BOM
1 PO
Number of purchase orders
for unlimited parts
from unlimited suppliers
0 minutes
Average time spent checking
distributor websites
for parts availability

Automatic sourcing & quoting

No more endless emails. Request quotes from hundreds of distributors and brokers, including the ones you already know and trust, with a single click. Responses are automatically parsed and tracked in one view.

Out of the box 1-click RFQ management for 700+ suppliers
Easily onboard your existing suppliers to combine Cofactr's automation with your trusted relationships
Save hours of emailing by requesting dozens of quotes in bulk
Centrally manage all your quotes, recheck expired quotes with a click, and seamlessly procure from quotes in the cloud

Global compliance on autopilot

Cofactr automatically manages complex global trade considerations for you, such as customs brokerage, export licensing, temporary import & duty drawback, and more. Say goodby to waiting on hold to clear parts through customs, say hello to a single pane of glass.

Tariff optimization, temporary import & duty drawback managed for you
USML/CCL export compliance on autopilot
Full visibility and central tracking for every shipment in transit including customs clearance status
Use Cofactr's integrated customs broker and bond or provide your own

1-click transparent optimized buying

Automatically find the optimal sourcing strategy for an entire BOM in just seconds. Consider alt parts, tariffs, logistics, supplier performance, and hundreds of other variables to deliver the absolute best combinations of price, lead time, compliance needs, and risk for your unique requirements. Then buy with 1-click, 0 markup, and complete sourcing transparency.

1-click purchasing and integrated order tracking from every major distributor and hundreds of other suppliers
Buy via Cofactr 1-Click Buy with no set-up required, or we'll configure your suppliers via API/EDI/PO-Export to access negotiated pricing
Optimize purchases of hundreds of parts in seconds with the fastest, most powerful purchasing optimizer for electronics on the market
Buy via Cofactr with no markup and complete supplier transparency

1 PO & automated accounting

Extend the productivity improvements to your finance team. Onboard one vendor to access 700+ suppliers and replace dozens of POs and invoices with just one. Leverage ERP & accounting integrations to eliminate manual data entry and access audit-ready inventory & landed cost reporting.

Replace dozens of POs with a single NET30 PO to Cofactr without losing transparency
No markups on purchases, so you know you're getting the best price possible
Centrally manage spend across every distributor with a single order dashboard and transaction history
Eliminate data entry by syncing PO/invoice data to your accounting software or ERP

Scale faster with on-demand logistics & procurement for electronics