Supply Chain

De-risk supplier discovery, augment your AVL, and put repetitive tasks on autopilot

(Safely) Expand Your AVL

With our logistics software, you can confidently source vendors and suppliers, even if they're not on your AVL yet. Real-time data on vendor and supplier performance helps you make informed decisions based on the latest information, and our single-PO and purchase protection lets you safely source from thousands of suppliers with one vendor relationship.

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Cut The Busywork

Eliminate repetitive tasks that eat up your time. Our software automates tasks like checking websites and managing emails, freeing you up to focus on strategic supply chain activities.

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Watching The Market for You

With Cofactr, you can subscribe to strategic parts and never lose out on a good deal again. Say goodbye to missed opportunities and hello to a more efficient, productive workflow.

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Unlock your optimized electronic supply chain.