Building electronics?

Take care of your parts with a click.

From lean engineering teams to leading CMs,
electronics innovators use Cofactr procurement automation to instantly buy from every distributor.

Plus, inventory management and automated kitting get you to manufacturing faster and easier than ever.

Is buying and handling parts eating up time and resources? Are delays pushing back deliveries?

Cofactr’s procurement tools, inventory management, and physical logistics get you to manufacturing faster and easier than ever.

Save time. Build faster.

Global distributors
90 sec
Average time to procure
a 100-line BOM
Inventory Data Accuracy
1 day
Kitting & Shipping Guarantee

All your parts, one pane of glass

On-Demand Infrastructure for Electronics

Fulfill your electronics inventory where and when you need.

Secure physical storage, specialized electronics handling facilities, centralized parts procurement, and cloud-based inventory management let you scale your production without scaling your physical infrastructure or headcount.

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Inventory’s Digital Twin

Your digital source-of-truth for your real-world parts.

Manage stock with Cofactr to unlock automatically updated and accurate inventory through a single pane of glass. Keep your parts production-ready and see real-time updates on material handling, from tracking incoming shipments, receiving, inspection, and x-ray counting to reeling, splitting, kitting, and more.

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Actionable Data

Turn your inventory into a supply chain advantage.

Accurate inventory, real-time global availability, and automated RFQing give you visibility and control over your electronics supply chain. Build inventory and compare it against production needs at a glance. Actionable analytics powered by live global supplier data and market monitoring help you mitigate supply chain disruption.

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BOM to Manufacturing, Solved


Purchase the parts you need with a click (or two)

Part, Supplier, and Compliance Data
1-Click Purchasing from Every Major Distributor
Automatic RFQ
Tariff, import bond, and global trade optimization

Inventory Management

Storage that meets your needs, available today

Real-Time Inventory Visibility
Automated Non-Contact Parts Counting
Kitting & Shipping

Manufacturing Readiness

De-risk and document your electronics

Digital Traceability
Anti-Counterfeiting & QA Inspections
ESD & Environmentally Controlled Storage
MSL Resets, Reeling, & More

Automation and Insights

Get ahead of challenges and uncover opportunities

Compare BOMs and Production Plans against Inventory and Global Supply
Automatic Alerting for Part Availability Changes
Detailed Tracking & Notifications for Expected Deliveries

Your complete supply chain with a single pane of glass

Get started with turnkey electronic parts procurement and inventory in minutes, power your enterprise-grade workflows with a modular and customizable solution at scale.

Part Data & BOM Tool

Integrated part, BOM, & supply chain data for electronics manufacturing

Real time data for 250m parts, 15k manufacturers, 732 global distributors
Intuitive BOM management with real-time stock, supply chain, and compliance data
Automatically merge public supplier data, negotiated pricing, customer catalogs, quotes, and inventory into a single, clear data set
Integrated your part library, supplier, and inventory data across reporting and ERP/MRP/PLM/ECAD integrations
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Source & Procure Electronic Components

Centralized and automated quoting, ordering, & procurement management for electronic parts

RFQ management for 700+ distributors/brokers & your existing suppliers
Email alerts and dashboard for changing price, availability, and life cycle status
1-click purchasing and order tracking from every major distributor and hundreds of other suppliers
Optimize purchasing of hundreds of parts in seconds, saving you hours of work and getting you the best possible prices
Replace dozens of POs with a single PO to Cofactr, keep your negotiated pricing, no markups, and complete transparency
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Inventory Management System

Eliminate data entry and improve accuracy with the inventory management system built for distributed electronics

Work-forward/work-back scheduler generates requirements, kits, and shipments for you
Automatically generate kits based on each production facility or SMT line's requirements such as complex attrition overage models, packaging, and more
Date code/lot codes, MSL floor life, CoC, QA reports, REACH/RoHS statements and more, automatically captured and tracked with 1-click reporting
2x inventory throughput with barcode scanning, printing, lot-level traceability, and more
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Kitting & Storage Services

Turnkey storage and kitting for electronic components. 1-day turnaround, 100% accurate, audit-ready.

Warehouse your parts in secure, private, ESD-safe, humidity controlled storage
100% accurate, audit-ready data, 24/7 with automated non-contact parts counting for every stock lot
In-house MSL reset bakes, splitting, splicing, reeling, and more ensures that parts are production ready with no delays
LCR testing, dimensional inspections, and in-house anti-counterfeiting lab reports are digitally linked to each part for complete security and traceability with no work required
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Scale faster with integrated procurement & inventory for electronics

Manufacturing Innovators run on Cofactr

"Cofactr provides a comprehensive, integrated solution for electronics procurement, storage, kitting, and shipping for us, which enables our team to focus on real problems."

James Miller
Head of Avionics
Stoke Space
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"Cofactr saves us a full-time job’s worth of time. Thanks to them, I didn’t have to hire another person only to monitor inventory and logistics. We also eliminated the procurement-related bottlenecks we used to have."

Gladys Wong
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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of companies work with Cofactr?

We mostly work with startups and small-to-midsize companies that engineer and manufacture electronic hardware products. Our customers are in industries such as aerospace, robotics, agricultural technology, medical technology, industrial, automotive, contract manufacturing, and a lot more. Anyone making electronics hardware from R&D through scale! We also support quick turn contract manufacturers who serve these kinds of OEM customer.

Does Cofacr own and operate their own facility?

Yes, we operate a dedicated logistics facility for electronic components in New York. Our facility goes well beyond the capabilities of a typical third-party-logistics provider with dedicated ESD and climate controlled storage and specialized capabilities including X-Ray component counting, in-house anti-counterfeiting lab, reeling equipment, and more.

Can I just warehouse with Cofactr?

Of course. We offer elastic pre-factory warehousing for organizations of all sizes.

Does Cofactr only work with electronic components?

We work with our customers to fulfill many of their needs. Our facilities specialize in electronic components as they require specific material handling and equipment, but we also help our customers with mechanical parts, connectors, and other materials that are used in electrical subassembly and assembly. Typically we can support any materials that are involved in your box-builds or wire harnesses.

Can I just procure with Cofactr?

Absolutely! We're happy to integrate with your existing inventory management solution or support your with rapid purchasing during R&D.

What is working with Cofactr like for my manufacturing partners?

Great! We are awesome at kitting. Our team has a background in contract manufacturing and loves to collaborate with your new or existing manufacturing partners.

How is distributed inventory managed with Cofactr?

We can only guarantee the accuracy and traceability of parts that are managed through our warehousing but you can absolutely use our platform to manage inventory at your location or your manufacturing partners’ facilities and we can work with your team to streamline that process as much as possible.

Are my parts and data safe with Cofactr?

We don't mess around when it comes to protecting your parts and data.
You can read an article here on our extensive logistics processes to keep your parts safe.
Cofactr's platform follows current data security best practices and is securely hosted on Amazon Web Services. For customers in ITAR regulated industries, we also offer a fully ITAR compliant version of our product. You can read more about the ITAR compliant platform here.

Scale faster with integrated procurement & inventory for electronics