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With transparent search, automated quoting, and instant purchasing from 500+ electronics distributors, Cofactr helps you get all the parts you need, when you need them.

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Biotech Lab Instrument

Cofactr found the parts needed by this startup to un-block prototyping and keep their team's innovation process moving.

BOM Available Through Major Distributors
% of BOM Available Through Cofactr

Industrial IoT Controller

Cofactr automatic sourcing and global supplier network allowed this team to confidently go from prototype to scale.

% of BOM Available Through Major Distributors
% of BOM Available Through Cofactr
Cofactr Hub

The Parts Planning & Sourcing Hub for Electronics

Minimize re-spins and get to production faster

Align your whole team by replacing static spreadsheet BOMs with interactive, actionable, insights.

Global supply chain intelligence helps you choose parts that fit your timeline and budget from day 1 and live updates keep you ahead of long lead times and shortage pricing.

Get the parts you need when you need them

Purchase instantly from 500+ global distributors with inventory management, transparent pricing, automatic shipping and tariff calculations, and detailed tracking.

When shortages strike, your Cofactr supply chain team has your back to proactively source parts and mitigate supply issues.

Keep your process, partners, and production on track

One convenient link gives your manufacturing partners everything they need to hit the ground running.

Full service logistics including ANSI/ESD S20.20 climate controlled storage, parts baking, and anti-counterfeiting ensure your parts arrive at the assembly line production-ready.


More features to keep your supply chain humming

Bird's-Eye View

Get a single view of your production requirements across all your BOMs with automatic forecasting & real-time updates.

100% Traceable

When reliability counts (and, really, when doesn't it count?), get detailed lot-level history, MSL tracking, and more for all of your parts.

Sourcing Autopilot

Tell Cofactr how many parts you need and when you need them. Your AI-powered sourcing assistant takes it from there, so you can go back to the million other things you have to do.

Alts On Demand

Identify and organize alternate part options with Cofactr search or tap in an on-demand expert for manufacturing-minded alt part suggestions


The collaborative platform to centralize your electronics production


Build BOMs faster from a database of 200+ million parts with specs and datasheets at your fingertips. Skip to the fun part of prototyping with 1-click ordering of your entire BOM.


Get one-click spot, limit, and scheduled buys from 500+ distributors, integrated RFQ automation, global landed cost estimation, and alerts & monitoring.

Product Management

Instantly analyze how design choices interact with landed BOM cost, lead times, current inventory, and supply chain risk at every step of the process.

Contract Manufacturers

Stockpiled parts are delivered ready for assembly with ready-to-go production documentation in one convenient portal and shortage mitigation when you need it.

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