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How Salient Motion reduced production cycles to 3 weeks with Cofactr

Discover how Salient Motion used Cofactr to streamline component procurement and bolster productivity.

‍"Cofactr changes things for the better for hardware companies. Not only does it de-risk the supply chain, but it also makes hardware manufacturing a much more compelling business to be in."
— Vishaal Mali, Co-founder of Salient Motion


Salient Motion develops cutting-edge hardware and software for domestic aerospace and defense companies. In only two years, it has established a diverse customer portfolio ranging from small drone producers to large vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) aircraft manufacturers.


Procurement-related bottlenecks hindered Salient Motion's growth 

It's no secret that supply chains in the aerospace and defense sectors are currently in disarray. From extended lead times to outsourcing critical component manufacturing to Asia, procurement has become a challenge that impacts hardware firms and American infrastructure as a whole. 

Salient Motion aims to improve these industries for domestic manufacturers by designing modern motion control systems that can be delivered in weeks, not months. However, as manufacturers themselves, Salient Motion isn't immune to procurement-related bottlenecks. 

Its team knew slow or inconsistent procurement would significantly hinder production cycles and overall efficiency. So, Salient Motion sought a unified logistics platform to help proactively manage and de-risk its supply chain. Thankfully, they found Cofactr.


Cofactr helps Salient Motion put supply chain management on autopilot

With Cofactr as its core pillar for supply chain management, Salient Motion has effectively eliminated procurement-related bottlenecks — skyrocketing productivity while streamlining production cycles. Its team simply downloads a BOM file from Altium, and Cofactr provides them with up-to-date information on component availability, alternative suppliers, and pricing.

Cofactr's real-time risk analysis

This enhanced transparency and streamlining of procurement-related tasks have helped Salient Motion reduce its production cycles to 3 weeks — an unprecedented achievement in the hardware industry. Today, its team spends far less time managing logistics and more time creating components that will reshape aerospace and defense for years to come. 

"Most large hardware companies have huge teams to take care of procurement and logistics. With Cofactr, SKU management is no longer a headache. We can do it more efficiently with one person and a single platform."


Salient Motion transforms procurement from a hindrance to its competitive advantage

Salient Motion now receives mission-critical components on time, every time, thanks to Cofactr. 

Here's a quick rundown of the results its team has seen since our partnership began:

  • Reduced production cycles to 3 weeks on average
  • Simplified procurement for hundreds of components‎

Moving forward, Salient Motion will continue scaling its production capabilities without fear of procurement-related bottlenecks. With Cofactr as its single source of truth for supply chain management, it's one step closer to achieving its mission to reimagine the American supply chain.

Vishaal Mali

Co-Founder - Salient Motion

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