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How Stoke Space streamlined component logistics with Cofactr

Discover how Stoke Space supported its rapid production cycles with Cofactr’s unified logistics platform.

"Cofactr provides a comprehensive, integrated solution for electronics procurement, storage, kitting, and shipping. The platform singlehandedly empowers our team to focus on real problems."
— James Miller, Head of Avionics at Stoke Space


Stoke Space is on a mission to democratize access to orbit, starting with 100% reusable rockets. Its unique ethos of swift and sustainable aerospace innovation has attracted an impressive number of investors, including Breakthrough Energy Ventures, the clean-tech initiative founded by Bill Gates.


Stoke wanted to reduce logistics bottlenecks and improve turnaround times

Stoke is one of the fastest-growing aerospace companies ever — having already surpassed many incumbents in fundraising and innovation. Naturally, a company growing at this pace requires fast turnaround times for its low-cost, technically advanced rockets. 

The problem? Stoke (like many other aerospace companies) encountered friction in sourcing parts for its rockets due to post-pandemic supply chain woes. Parts that used to ship within a week were now back-ordered for several months, and these logistical bottlenecks negatively impacted growth and turnaround times. 

Stoke needed a procurement and logistics solution to support its rapid production cycles, so it began searching for a comprehensive platform to complement its existing supply chain. That's when the Stoke team discovered Cofactr

"As a startup in the aerospace industry, you cannot afford to be held up by procurement issues. With Cofactr, we no longer get stuck waiting for parts or have to solve complex logistics problems that should be easy."


Cofactr provides Stoke with a single source of truth for component logistics

Unlike its industry counterparts, Stoke takes a holistic approach to sourcing electronic components. Using Cofactr, its team can order and store parts in bulk, preparing them for any future scenario. With access to numerous suppliers via Cofactr, Stoke's procurement process is also more cost-efficient.

Cofactr has also been instrumental in helping Stoke reduce time spent on procurement-related tasks. Sourcing dozens to hundreds of components for its rockets would often take its team several days. Using the Cofactr platform, Stoke Space simply uploads a BOM and gets a complete rundown of every component's availability and pricing. This feature alone saves its team countless hours each week. 

The cherry on top? Cofactr's comprehensive approach to component logistics ensures Stoke doesn't need to expand its headcount. Typically, sourcing and managing components would require a dedicated team — a costly expense for a growing company. Managing logistics via Cofactr has helped Stoke eliminate that requirement.

"We can simply press a button, and Cofactr handles our procurement needs. It has completely eliminated any associated stress and allowed us to focus on our business's core competencies."


Stoke transforms component logistics from a burden to its competitive advantage

With Cofactr, Stoke Space spends far less time on procurement-related tasks and more time focusing on creating innovative aerospace technologies.

Today, Stoke considers Cofactr an extension of its team and a vital component in its future growth. As its projects expand, Stoke Space plans to continue using Cofactr to support its rapid production cycles and focus on what matters: democratizing access to orbit. 

"The value of Cofactr's services cannot be overstated. We couldn't imagine reverting back to our traditional procurement methods."

James Miller

Head of Avionics at Stoke Space

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