Cofactr Engineering Ops

Get your products to market faster with data-powered BOM management, procurement automation, and parts storage & kitting

Integrated BOM & Library Management

Increase engineering efficiency, design more resilient products, and clean & consolidate your library with Cofactr's integrated BOM & library management toolkit.

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1-Click Parts Purchasing & Order Tracking

Stop manually filling distributor shopping carts to buy parts for prototype runs. Cofactr turns your BOM into a purchasing plan in seconds and does all the buying for you with a click, so you can get back to your real job.

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Off-Site Inventory Management & Kitting

Get working prototypes on time, every time. Cofactr helps you manage inventory across your quick-turn contract manufacturers and manages kitting and shipping consigned parts for you, so you can meet your deadlines and get back to engineering.

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