Cofactr CM/EMS Solutions

Win bids and deliver on time and on budget with the streamlined parts quoting, procurement, and inventory management platform for electronics

Competitive BOM quoting in seconds

Easily scrub customer BOMs and generate optimized, accurate BOM quotes in seconds, to give your quoting team super powers and win more business.

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1-Click Parts Purchasing & Order Management

Replace manual PO entry, wrangling distributor shopping carts, and endless email chains with simple, intuitive procurement automation. Empower your team to focus on delivering value to your customers, with easy-to-use software to automatically procure an entire BOM across every distributor in seconds with a single click. Leverage AI-powered order tracking to provide a single, accurate dashboard for order status across every distributor.

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Automate Inventory Management & Kitting

Cofactr makes it easy to track inventory and manage consigned materials with the warehouse management system purpose built for electronics manufacturing, so you can deliver top-quality products to your customers with less labor and fewer delays. Features like MSL management, lot-level traceability, and barcode printing and scanning that works out of the box with every major electronics distributor, helps your team work more efficiently and accurately.

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