Pricing & Features

The operational support to supercharge your EEs with the full-lifecycle monitoring that your supply chain team needs.

Cofactr Engineering Ops

Get your products to market faster with data-powered BOM management, procurement automation, and parts storage & kitting

Full access to part data, procurement, & BOM management
Unlimited users
ITAR compliant hosting
Custom parts
Custom part numbers
ERP, inventory, & engineering integrations
Sourcing & Purchasing Fees
$5,000 free, then 5%
$25,000 free, then 4%
Integrate negotiated supplier pricing via upload, API, or EDI
Included storage at Cofactr
4 ESD Bins (200-300 stock lots)
10 ESD Bins (500-750 stock lots)
Search 250+ million parts
Real time supplier price & availability
Search parts from external systems such as your PLM, ERP, or supplier catalogs
Automatically capture data from BOMs, inventory, and your existing systems to build a library with no data entry required
Alternative part suggestions
Datasheets, REACH, RoHS, Conflict Mineral statements
BOM Data Integrations
Airtable, Google Sheets
Airtable, Google Sheets, Odoo, Katana, Duro
Airtable, Google Sheets, Odoo, Katana, Duro, Netsuite, SAP, SFTP
Full-BOM REACH, RoHS reporting & management
Full-BOM Supply Chain Risk Stats
Interactive BOM management
Real time inline supply chain, inventory, lifecycle, & compliance data
CSV/Excel import & export
Included quotes
Request quotes from 700+ manufacturers, distributors, & brokers with 1 click
AI routing & parsing for quote emails
Generate & export optimized purchasing plans
1-Click Buy for 200+ million parts from 250+ distributors
Automatic Assembly Attrition Calculations
Customs & tariff calculations & management
Order complete part kits
Store parts for future production at Cofactr
Generate POs in your accounting software or ERP
Integrate negotiated supplier pricing via upload, API, or EDI
Central order management & tracking across distributors
Order status & delay notifications
Automatic decommit resolution suggestions
Active Stock Lot Records
Included storage at Cofactr
4 ESD Bins (200-300 stock lots)
10 ESD Bins (500-750 stock lots)
Track inventory to the stock-lot level
Capture & track date code & lot codes
MSL floor life tracking
Document management for CofC, inspection reports
Inventory cost reporting
Track production facility or SMT line's unique requirements for packaging, reeling, & more
Select from standard, pre-configured attrition models
Fully customizable attrition models by facility
Manage unlimited facilities & stock locations
Automatically generate kits based on facility requirements
Fully custom label templates
Central tracking dashboard & notifications for UPS, FedEx, DHL, USPS
Ship with Cofactr's discounted UPS rates
Ship with your own UPS/FedEx account
Work-forward/work-back scheduling
Master planning across multiple products/BOMs
Allocate Inventory to Production Runs
Centralized production schedule management
Coming Soon
Unlimited Users & Guests
Sub-Orgs by team, customer, or department
Granular App-Level Permissions
ITAR Compliant
Altium 365
Google Sheets & Excel
Quickbooks, Xero, Zoho
Coming Soon
Fully Customizable Report Generator
Sandbox Instance
SQL Database/Data Warehouse
Customizable ERP, PLM, MES Integrations (Netsuite, SAP, Dynamics, etc)

Storage & Kitting Services

Parts purchased with Cofactr 1-Click Buy
All other barcoded parts
$0.75 per package (reel, tubes, etc)
All other non-barcoded parts
$2.00 per package (reel, tubes, etc)
X-Ray component counting
Capture lot code, date code, COO
MSL reset bake, as needed
Capture photo of parts, scan CoC & other documents
Kitting & shipping
$5.00 per shipment + $1.00 per line
1 day kitting & shipping SLA
Splitting, splicing, repackaging, as needed
Per stock-lot labels with reference designators, line numbers, & more
Starting at $7.00 per reel
Included storage with Cofactr platform
200+ stock lots
Additional storage
Starting at $25 per month
ESD & humidity controlled storage
On demand MSL resets bakes
Anti-counterfeiting (X-Ray, Visual, Chemical, Decapping)
Starting at $50
LCR test
Dimensional inspection
Inspection reports tracked through Cofactr platform
1 day inspection SLA

Cofactr Intelligence

Unlock end-to-end monitoring, automate workflows, and de-risk your manufacturing with the supply chain orchestration platform for electronics.

Cofactr CM/EMS Solutions

Win bids and deliver on time and on budget with the streamlined parts quoting, procurement, and inventory management platform for electronics