Kitting & Storage Services

Turnkey storage and kitting for electronic components. 1-day turnaround, 100% accurate, audit-ready.

Inventory Data Accuracy
1 day
Kitting & Shipping Guarantee
0 hrs
Average time spent handling
electronic parts for manufacturing

Private, secure ESD-safe storage

Keep your parts in secure, private storage at our climate-controlled, ESD-safe facility. Get complete visibility and traceability and guaranteed 100% accurate audit-ready inventory data.

Customer parts are kept in secure, private storage
Humidity controlled ESD-safe storage built specifically for valuable electronic parts
High security, ITAR-registered and compliant facility
100% accurate audit-ready inventory data

Automated counting & traceability

Trust that your data is correct and your production won't be held up by a parts shortage with 100% non-contact parts counting included with Cofactr managed inventory at no cost. Track every stock movement, compliance document, date code/lot code, and more with no data entry required.

Automated non-contact parts counting for every stock lot with state-of-the-art cloud-connected x-ray component counters
Data code/lot code and compliance documents captured and tracked for you
Complete visibility into every stock movement and handling task from a central dashboard
Email alerts and automations keep your inventory on track so you can focus on other, more important work

Assembly-ready kits on demand

Get the kits of parts you need, custom labeled and pick-and-place ready shipped in just hours. No need to do the math yourself, the Cofactr platform automatically factors in manufacturer requirements and part data to turn your BOMs into kits with a click, from pre-assembly MSL reset bakes, to splitting, splicing, reeling, and repackaging.

Automatic MSL reset bakes so your parts are always production ready
Split, splice, reel, repackage, and more, so your parts are assembly ready and don't hold up production
Attrition profiles, package requirements, and more are automatically applied for each location
Custom labeling puts every detail you need right on the stock lot, from reference designators to specific barcode formats

Inspections with a click

Whether you need LCR testing for your passives, dimensional verification for your electromechanical parts, or x-ray anti-counterfeiting inspections, Cofactr's in-house software controlled lab gives you fully automated inspections on demand without slowing down your production with outside vendors. As always, every inspection result is automatically captured and traceable with the rest of your inventory data.

LCR inspections for passives performed at receiving so supplier issues are caught early
Dimensional inspections ensure that parts meet the manufacturer specs
In-house anti-counterfeiting lab provides 100% x-ray and optical inspections and detailed reports in hours
Inspection results and documentation are digitally linked to each part for permanent traceability and reporting through to the finished assembly

"Cofactr provides a comprehensive, integrated solution for electronics procurement, storage, kitting, and shipping for us, which enables our team to focus on real problems."

James Miller
Head of Avionics
Stoke Space
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