Cofactr Intelligence

Unlock end-to-end monitoring, automate workflows, and de-risk your manufacturing with the supply chain orchestration platform for electronics.

Compliance, Health, & Predictive Supply Data

Give your whole team access detailed, accurate compliance, lifecycle, supply health, predictive, and historical market data on hundreds of millions of electronics components. Leverage this data within Cofactr, or integrate with your PLM or ERP with live data integrations.

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Integrate Procurement, Inventory, & Manufacturing

Unify and connect your procurement data from your ERP, inventory data from your manufacturing sites, demand data from your MRP, production data from your MES, and more. Unlock live end-to-end monitoring, orchestrate workflows, and flow data back out to your systems with live data integrations.

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BOM & Part Library Analytics

Design more resilient products and clean & consolidate your library with Cofactr's integrated BOM & library management toolkit. Understand and optimize part selection, uncover trends, and build reporting workflows with Cofactr's BOM & part library analytics

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