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How Neros Technologies scaled their hardware operations by 10X with Cofactr

Discover how Neros accelerated their time to market with Cofactr's logistics platform and expert customer support.

"Cofactr has been the most significant speed-up of any electronics tool we've used. They give hardware startups like us the tools to build robust supply chains, making it easier to develop top-tier products and compete with legacy companies."
­— Olaf Hichwa, Co-Founder & CTO at Neros Technologies


Neros Technologies specializes in mass-manufacturing small drone technologies for pilotless defense systems. Founded in 2023, they're creating U.S.-built solutions that give America unmanned superiority.


Neros needed stronger supply chain consistency to expand their manufacturing effectively

Neros aimed to expand their manufacturing capabilities but encountered hurdles due to time-consuming manual tasks. Every design cycle needed dedicated time to assemble orders for suppliers. Without automated parts purchasing, their small team had to shift focus away from other projects to guarantee orders were sent.

To grow more effectively, Neros needed a steady flow of components to maintain consistent production. Supply chain uncertainty, compounded by the risk of parts going out of stock mid-design, presented pitfalls in Neros' ability to introduce products and scale up.

Even when engineers wanted to make proactive purchases, fluctuating material availability and lead times made this difficult. It didn't matter when they placed the order; they were never sure if it would arrive in time.

Fortunately, Neros found a reliable partner in Cofactr to simplify their ordering process, freeing up time to scale their operations.

"Before every design spin, we would spend 1 to 2 days putting together orders from suppliers to physically get the parts into our shop. The manual parts procurement and logistics tasks hindered our focus on innovation."


With Cofactr, Neros proactively addresses critical supply chain disruptions

Relying on Cofactr's automated solutions helped Neros reclaim time from the very start of the partnership. They were able to combine their BOMs with their library and inventory data, simplifying their ordering process. The engineers can now order everything with just one click, ensuring critical components are secured ahead of time and avoiding potential delays from parts shortages.

Integrating Cofactr's parts and supply chain analysis tools into their workflow gives Neros real-time insights into COGS and electronic costs. The user-friendly portal provides clear visibility into part costs, future projections, inventory levels, and more, enabling Neros to make informed manufacturing decisions based on supply chain data.

By leveraging Cofactr, Neros confidently scales their manufacturing operations without fear of supply chain disruptions hindering their progress. The software-defined approach empowers Neros to manage their component supply chain more effectively so they can transition to larger product assemblies. 

As a result, Neros benefits from greater supply chain resilience that sets them up for scalable product-led growth.

"Cofactr makes it easy to order parts early in the design process. Their unified platform helps our team feel empowered to make one-click buys that can save us months of engineering time."


Neros saves 16 hours each week with Cofactr's logistics infrastructure

By turning to Cofactr, Neros has automated their logistics process with ease from day one. The partnership has helped Neros avoid parts shortages and scale their manufacturing operations. In early 2024, Ncoeros upgraded to a 15,000 sq. ft. factory capable of producing thousands of units each month.

Neros has seen incredible results thanks to Cofactr:

  • 16 hours saved per week on supply chain issues
  • 1+ month faster time-to-market
  • Scaled manufacturing by 10x

Cofactr remains an integral part of Neros' growth strategy by supporting their agility and scalability in hardware manufacturing. With Cofactr's software-defined approach to supply chain management, Neros is able to invest in sustainable growth and innovation.

"Partnering with Cofactr is infinitely easier than hiring more people to manually pick and store parts in your factory. There's no comparison; Cofactr is incredible for scaling hardware operations."

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